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2021-07-28 Maritime and Port Bureau Promotes the “Three Lines of Defense” Joint Inspection Project Strengthening the Navigation Safety of Large Passenger and Cargo Ships to Outlying Islands
2021-07-28 Maritime and Port Bureau Provides Three Measures for Pandemic Prevention and Public Convenience
2021-05-17 Taiwan recognized by the U.S. as a flag administration for the QUALSHIP 21 Program for three consecutive years
2021-05-10 Maritime and Port Bureau and National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology join hands to build a national-level international maritime convention information platform
2021-04-23 Launching of the New Taiwan-Penghu Ferry Operation and Construction Plan
2021-04-23 Launching the Import Container Weight Checking App for Real-Time Checking and Peace of Mind
2021-03-17 High-speed passenger ship "RIKULAU" completes trial voyages, joining reserve force for marine evacuation operations during closure of Kinmen Airport due to heavy fog
2021-03-06 First seafarer examination of 2021 takes place Seafarer turns YouTuber to share the wonders of life at sea
2021-02-07 MPB completes removal of residual oil from the cargo ship stranded on Xijiyu, Penghu, eliminating the marine pollution crisis
2021-02-01 Fulfilling the wishes of cyclists, Eluanbi Lighthouse Park will be open to bicycles
2021-01-16 MPB establishes “International Maritime Transport Stability Section” on official website, providing real-time information on additional ships, voyages, and cargo space
2021-01-13 MPB completes “Planning and Design Reference Manual for Yacht Harbor Facilities,” driving development of yachting activities
2020-12-31 MPB forms "International Maritime Transport Stability Working Group" Ensuring Taiwan’s seamless import and export trading operations
2020-12-29 Epidemic prevention management at the border and anti-money laundering measures to be required for pretending to go abroad travel cruise voyages
2020-12-14 Exchanging vows at Dagang Bridge--30 happy couples “sail” toward decades of joyful marriage with the blessings of Minister Lin Chia-Lung and Mayor Chen Chi-Mai