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2020-10-14 Yachtmania: Ushering in the Golden Age of Yachting
2020-10-14 Yeh Hsieh-Lung Appointed as MPB Director-General, Proposing New Visions Including "People-Centric Ports and Strong Maritime Transport" and "Quality Environment and Sustainable Shipping"
2020-09-08 Advanced Precision Measures for Reinforced Pandemic Prevention Seafarers Can Depart from Taiwan by Air Directly after Entering by Port if Nucleic Acid Testing Results are Negative
2020-09-08 In Response to Warehouse Explosion at the Port of Beirut, the Maritime and Port Bureau Will Collaborate with Port Operators to Implement Special Supervision of Dangerous Goods Storage at the Port of Taichung
2020-08-19 The Maiden Voyage of the Island-Hopping Cruises Kicks Off a New Era for Marine Tourism
2020-08-19 Taiwan is Great! Received the Affirmation of US Qualship 21 for 2 Consecutive Years
2020-08-19 Maritime and Port Bureau Promotes the Summit, Creating a New Blue Ocean for Maritime Travel
2020-07-10 The Ministry of Transportation and Communications Proposes Island Hopping Cruises for Safe Travel
2020-07-10 The 100-Year-Old Historical Sites, Dongju and Dongyin Lighthouses, are Completely Restored. The Parks are Now Open to Visitors
2020-05-08 Double recognition! The Performance of Taiwanese Vessel Management has Received Affirmation from Two International Quality Shipping Organizations
2020-05-01 The Maritime and Port Bureau Assists Maritime Industry in Facing Different Challenges
2020-05-01 Implementing Epidemic Prevention and Management Measures - The Maritime and Port Bureau is Protecting the Health of Seafarers and is Tightening Epidemic Prevention
2020-04-21 The Maritime and Port Bureau Has Expanded Maritime Subsidies to Fight the Impact of the Pandemic
2020-03-20 Domestic Seafarers Entering Taiwan Must Undergo Home Quarantine to Strengthen Epidemic Prevention
2020-03-12 Maritime Subsidy for Epidemic Prevention: Reassuring the Industry and the Public