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2021-02-07 MPB completes removal of residual oil from the cargo ship stranded on Xijiyu, Penghu, eliminating the marine pollution crisis
2021-02-01 Fulfilling the wishes of cyclists, Eluanbi Lighthouse Park will be open to bicycles
2021-01-16 MPB establishes “International Maritime Transport Stability Section” on official website, providing real-time information on additional ships, voyages, and cargo space
2021-01-13 MPB completes “Planning and Design Reference Manual for Yacht Harbor Facilities,” driving development of yachting activities
2020-12-31 MPB forms "International Maritime Transport Stability Working Group" Ensuring Taiwan’s seamless import and export trading operations
2020-12-29 Epidemic prevention management at the border and anti-money laundering measures to be required for pretending to go abroad travel cruise voyages
2020-12-14 Exchanging vows at Dagang Bridge--30 happy couples “sail” toward decades of joyful marriage with the blessings of Minister Lin Chia-Lung and Mayor Chen Chi-Mai
2020-12-14 Fall-winter COVID-19 prevention program to be launched on December 1! Visitors to lighthouses and other indoor venues are required to wear a mask!
2020-12-14 Chi Wen-Jong witnesses signing of cooperative agreement between the Maritime and Port Bureau and Taiwan Transportation Safety Board
2020-11-12 Maritime and Port Bureau of the MOTC hosts "New Maritime Shipping Order in the Post-pandemic Era" International Forum, Shining the Spotlight on Restructuring of the Global Supply Chain and Deployment of the Blue Highways Strategy
2020-11-12 Making Yachts More Accessible—Yacht Co-ownership Soon to be Launched
2020-10-14 Yachtmania: Ushering in the Golden Age of Yachting
2020-10-14 Yeh Hsieh-Lung Appointed as MPB Director-General, Proposing New Visions Including "People-Centric Ports and Strong Maritime Transport" and "Quality Environment and Sustainable Shipping"
2020-09-08 Advanced Precision Measures for Reinforced Pandemic Prevention Seafarers Can Depart from Taiwan by Air Directly after Entering by Port if Nucleic Acid Testing Results are Negative
2020-09-08 In Response to Warehouse Explosion at the Port of Beirut, the Maritime and Port Bureau Will Collaborate with Port Operators to Implement Special Supervision of Dangerous Goods Storage at the Port of Taichung