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Vision and Goals

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Vision and Goals of About MPB

I. Vision
Quality Maritime Environment Service Provider


II. Goals
i. Build a quality environment for the maritime industry
    The MPB strives to develop more convenient and innovative services from the golden rule of service: Customer First. We will also optimize maritime and port administration operations and review maritime laws and regulations to meet international standards.

ii. Reinforce maritime capabilities for higher competitiveness
    We will continue to study the experiences of the benchmark ports and open the ports in Taiwan for diversified development. In response to the rising trend of cruise tourism, we will develop the ports in Taiwan to become berthing ports or ports of call for the major cruise lines and upgrade Taiwan’s status in the global maritime industry.

iii. Implement national maritime policies
    The MPB will plan the nation’s maritime development policies with forward and professional thinking and expand cross-strait transport through the SEF/Taiwan Strait Shipping Association and ARATS/Association for Shipping Across the Taiwan Strait, in expectation of expanding the effect of direct cross-strait shipping. We will also play an active role in the activities of international organizations to expedite regional economic integration.

iv. Maintain order and safety at sea
    The IMO has adopted the ISPS Code. In response to this development, we will continue to implement drills and exercises for the new port security measures and reinforce the inspection of port state control in compliance with international conventions.

v. Cultivate maritime human resources
     We expect to lay a foundation within three years through various on-the-job training programs and cultivate manpower for free trade ports, transportation, asset management and shipping.